Intercultural Consulting

ic2go - the culture expert: intercultural training

 A service for companies wishing to enter the European market or to improve their position here. ic2go advises with Felipe Pires’ experience living and working for almost a decade in Germany and Spain to avoid typical mistakes that could jeopardise the company when doing business abroad or recruiting workers in other countries.

Corporate Culture

ic2go - the culture expert: corporate culture

A service for small and medium-sized companies that wish to succeed with a strong personality. With a focus on change management and internal communication, ic2go offers packages adapted to the situation of each company helping them to choose priorities and design a plan for the employees to align with company’s strategy and spirit. 


ic2go - the culture expert: communication training

A service for small and medium sized companies that want to qualify their employees. ic2go offers two types in-house training: intercultural communication and communication at work. The modules can be combined, creating a training schedule according to the needs of each company: non-verbal language, emotion in communication, conflict resolution, sales, customer communication etc.