Training and Workshops

The years of experience working with several companies and multiple countries, giving training and creating exciting projects,  enabled ic2go to develop specific workshops and trainings for your company to achieve success and save valuable time.The outstanding seminars will touch essential aspects within the area internal communication crisis management, communication at work and cross-cultural & cultural awareness.

Some of the workshops offered:

Communication at work:

  •  Key aspects of communication on the work environment
  • Communication dos and don’t for leadership positions
  • Communication within specific scenarios that entails outstanding communication skills such as Sales and Customer Service.
  • Focus on how to create effective communication at all levels for your employees to contributing  to reach success.

Cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness:

  • How to learn dealing with cross-cultural communication encounters without misunderstanding their approaches, manner to express and communicate, while reaching a positive outcome.
  • How to develop awareness regarding cultural differences that can bring risk to businesses and compromise the result of your business purpose and how to deal in a advantageous manner

Leadership Communication

  • How to give feedback to your employees?
  • How to Perform an appraisal interview and determine future objectives?
  • How to develop your employees into exceptional leaders and desire to do and gove their best for the company
  • How to address difficult subjects to your employees?


There is always a lot of questions, but also methods that can help to meet these challenges in the corporate life to communication issues.

All topics and contents are adapted according to the need of your business.

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