ic2go - the culture expert: concept

The fast paced and globalised society that we live in has developed into a multicultural environment and along with it we have encountered various communicational and organisational challenges.

Whether you have a start up company or are already in the market, to have effective communication across all cultures and processes will be a key element for the success of your company.

Developing a unique model to integrate your employees, departments and company, ic2go are experts at creating sustainable and creative Cultural Communication Coaching within organisations.

ic2go is specialised in corporate cultures which enables us to create a tailored project or coaching programme for key employees to utilise across the business and reach profound success!!

Our services include:

-Tailored projects, producing insight analysis and strategic planning to achieve your company’s goals in short, medium and long term

-Training courses and seminars to target communication challenges within your organisation as a whole

– Intercultural Management Coaching services to target key markets, clients and employees

-Innovative Internal and External communication solutions to prevent, analyse and resolve some of the most common communication concerns within your organisation